The Spa: Oriental Acupressure

If there is such a thing as spa overload, I really think I had that last week. I think Monday, I had the deep tissue massage. Friday, I had the Aroma Scalp and Shoulder Massage and on Sunday, I had the Oriental Acupressure.

Really, all I needed was a back massage because my back was really painful but then The Spa didn’t offer any spot massage. The closest one that they had was The Spa Reflexology but this was just available in the Greenbelt branch. Unfortunately, I was in the Rockwell Branch, and the closest one that they had to a spot massage was the Oriental Acupressure.

From what I remember, I already had this before and I found it really good. The only weird thing is that even if the website says that it is available for the following rooms: Deluxe, Executive, Villa, in Rockwell, even if you have the massage in the Deluxe Room (that is shared with other people), you would still have to pay the Villa price. Weird, huh?

Orintal Acupressure

Anyway, the massage started out with a back massage. Then led unto an arm massage and finally finished into a foot massage. I think I was really tired then because I think I kind of dozed off. The next thing I knew was that the massage was finished already. And take note, it has been very difficult for me to fall asleep for the past few days and weeks. Hehe. Oh well.

What a way to end a Sunday and to prepare for a new week ahead.

What about you? What’s your favorite way of ending a Sunday?

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