Birthday Reflections

It’s  the  time of the year  again that I celebrated my  birthday. This is probably one of the reasons why I truly love Novembers. This year, I celebrated my birthday again. Last year, I celebrated my birthday with my office friends and this year, I celebrated my  birthday with my college friends. I really like the fact that I get to meet up and catch up with friends during this time. I actually love the BER months because  of this.

2012 they said was the Year of Transformation (Year of the Dragon) and transform I did. After a lot of things that  happened to me in 2011, I realized that it was time for me to take charge of my life.  Prettify myself. Be the best  that I can be. Maybe, I’m still  not in that state but at least every day, I’m trying to perfect myself little by little. But we all know that nobody can be perfect but at least, we can try to be perfect in our own little imperfect way.

This picture was taken last year and these are my  friends from the office and I have been with them  since 2006. 6 years and counting  guys. Some of the people here I don’t work with anymore but we’re still in touch. I must say, I was pretty lucky to be a  part of a team that treated each other like  family. And just like any other kind of friends. No matter how far we are from each other, no matter how long we haven’t talked to each other, when we see each other, there’s still that bond.

From that time onwards, there were actually a lot of things that I was thankful for.

First would be the Life Direction’s Retreat. It actually took 3 years  before I finally had  the time and the courage to attend this retreat. Thanks  to my cousin who was with me and made me more confident to attend the retreat. I would have never gone to the retreat alone. I actually thank God for all of the learnings that I got from that. I  heard the stories of other people and I was amazed at how strong they are.

Next would be Mis Cosas. I am also thankful that I finally  got the courage to start this. Yes, it’s just the 2nd year and I know that I wasn’t too involved this year as opposed to last year. Maybe because this  year I already know what my priorities are and also, right now, I know that  this is really something just on the  side. I still love my work (yes, I do), even if sometimes it’s just soo difficult. Dealing with  people, dealing  with customers. But hey, I am thankful for all of the learnings as well. I learned how to deal with different kinds of people.

I am also  thankful for my ALU FICO Family and my Pluto Fast Family. Sometimes, at work, it feels like I’m  neither here nor there but I’m glad that wherever I go, there are people I can talk to. Relate with. Joke around with. Makes work a lot easier and happier.

FICO Family

Fast Pluto Family

Last but not  the least,  I am thankful for my Family and Friends, who have always been there for me through  thick and thin. There were some  relationships that got strong  and will  continue to grow stronger. Some I’m still cultivating and hopefully by this time next year, it would have been stronger as well.

Family Picture

My Sister and I

Me, Sister and Cousins

Obviously, this year, has been truly different  from the past year. There are some things that I truly do  miss such as the France experience  and the people I used to work  with  and talk to  on a daily basis.

My old team which has  been dissolved already and have  been integrated into other teams respectively.

But there  are  also other experiences that I  am thankful  for. Such  as the China Experience:

How can you  forget the ooh so cold winter of Shanghai?

And working in Shanghai from Winter to Spring?

Learning about a different culture and seeing beautiful places is probably one of the most memorable experience for me.

Finding out how children are raised in China.

At Yuyuan Garden.

Being able to go to Beijing was great too.

My Family  visiting me in Shanghai was great  too.

I am also very thankful for my Grandma who celebrated her 80th birthday this year.

For  giving me the opportunity to go to Taiwan with my friends.

For my friend’s wedding!

For  our doggie’s photoshoot.

Thank you God  for this year of transformation. Thank you for the many blessings and experiences you have showered me with. There were a lot but I’m pretty sure you can top all of these next year. As I move into a  new year, I am quite nervous. I still do now  know where the wind will  blow me but I’m pretty sure it will  be in a place where I should be in. As of now, I have no plans. This is the first year  in 2 years that I will be in Manila  for  the whole year except of course the booked Cambodia trip. But that doesn’t count because that’s a vacation. I’m looking forward to a  great year (even if it’s the year of the Snake). Anyway, we shouldn’t be that superstitious. We should just trust God  and do our best and I know that everything will  fall into place.


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