The New Samsung Flip-Out Display Camera: Another Great Innovation

Hand it to Samsung to be able to innovate really fast and really cool items. First they had the dual-view camera and a few months ago, they came out with the wi-fi camera. Now, they are introducing the 16.15 Megapixel Flip-out Display Camera MV800.



What do you usually look for in a picture? Isn’t it the good angle? Well, now you need not worry, because whatever you want your picture to be, you will find it and you will have a preview of it before you click and get the shot. Which means all of your pictures will be PERFECT!


PROs (for me)

  • 5x optical zoom. Good zoom is always a good thing.
  • Picture in picture shot. You can actually have a picture within a picture. For the artsy-fartsy person. I remember we used to have this functionality in the TV but I never got it. How can you concentrate on 2 things at the same time? But at least in a still picture you can actually appreciate it better!
  • Live Panorama. Perfect for when you are travelling. Sometimes, there are just a lot of things to take in and one shot isn’t enough.
  • Magic Frame. Again, for the artsy person. You’d really have fun creating things and images with your pictures.
  • Funny Face. If before we just had fish-eye and you enjoyed it well this camera has a lot more to offer.
  • Smart Filters – I love filters. It takes the stress out of finding the perfect setting. It makes your pictures look really polished and people who love instagram will love this too.
  • Photo Editor – that you can use directly on the display
  • Pose Guide – will help you pose the correct way ala model!
  • Storyboard Maker – choose the template and layout the shots
  • Comes in different colors – black, white, red, and PINK!


CONs (for me)

  • Touch screen. I know that it sounds weird but I’m really not a home with touchscreen. Maybe for some people fine. But it’s just not my thing (yet).

For more information:

Click here.

P.S. Only problem is I don’t know how much it costs. What do you think? How much do you think will this cost?

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