Feet Series: Neat Feat: Gel Metatarsal Pad + Giveaway!

Product Description

This product is said to provide cushioning to the ball of the foot and gives extra padding for metatarsal soreness. Also, it has a toe loop which makes the product stay securely in place.

What the hell is metatarsal?

Metatarsal bones are the five long bones in the foot located between the hind and mid foot. These bones are often broken by soccer players. They said that these and other recent cases have been attributed to the modern lightweight design of football boots, which gives less protection to the foot.

Who is This Product For?

Obviously, this product is for soccer players! But of course, not limited to them. I was thinking, this could actually help ease the pain and absorb the stress of walking and standing around by soccer players like for instance, after a game or after practice. Also, it helps prevent callus development. I think this would be perfect for anyone who engages in sporting activities.

Like for instance me, I’m not  a very sporty person but then going to the gym often actually made me developed callus (which looks soo ugly) but you can’t help it. You can’t stop working out altogether, right?

Well, is this something that you need?

If you do, do the following and I will give you a chance to win this product!

Promo ends on July 18, 2012.

Now, if you don’t want to join the contest (fine!) then you can just get your own products from selected Watsons stores as well as in R.O.X.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

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