The Flower Collection: Eula Dress

Whee! I received PHP250 credit from the Flower Collection because I think I registered to be a part of it? And you can get that same thing too! Just register at The Flower Collection Website. (Click here)

Aside from that I think they are having a 30% off on all regular items.

And because I got the PHP250 credit, I grabbed it and bought this Eula dress – quarter-sleeved, knee-dress with draped overlapping bodice. Bias skirt with loose wavy hemline – which is sure to complement any kind of body.

Eula Dark Grey

I got the Dark Gray color – yes, I know that many of you guys might thing that’s kind of dull, why didn’t I get the Dark Coral. Probably because when I looked into my closet, all of my dresses are colored red, pink and orange. Got too much of those hot colors in there and it’s too loud of the office. I’m pretty sure that if I wear my red dresses again, people will react. PFFT.

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