Electric Cup Warmer: What a Bright Idea

Coffee Warmer

As I was going through my emails and cleaning it out. Yes, there are a lot – around 649 emails in my Gmail and around 10,000+ in my yahoo email. I came across this deal from Ensogo.

Product Description

This coffee warmer has an on-and-off selection indicator which lets you use this gadget easily. You can just plug it anywhere.

Care and Fitting

Who is this product for?

This electric cup warmer is perfect for the office people who always has to have their cup of coffee in place. In my office, we have a vendo machine that dispenses Nescafe coffee but the problem with that is that after awhile, when you tend to get really busy, you forgot you have coffee and when you sip it, it’s lukewarm already.

On a lighter note, for those eco-friendly people (personally not one but trying my best to be one), you have more reason to use ceramic cups instead of paper cups.

Where to buy?

You can get this at Ensogo. Price is as follows:

  • PHP 199 for 1 if you get only 1
  • PHP 149 for 1 if you get 3

It’s pretty cheap, isn’t it?

Tips and Ideas:

  • You can already store this for Christmas; it would be a great cheap gift for your boss or for your friends who are coffee drinkers.
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