Mis Cosas Crayola Carry Alls: The Must-Have for Every Shopper

I, a certified and self-confessed shopaholic, have come to the conclusion, that the one thing that I truly need in my bag all the time would be a shopping bag or a reusable bag or a grocery bag or whatever you want to call it. Since 2009, when my eyes were opened to the use of these items, I’ve always had one in my bag. Whether it would be accompanying my mom to the grocery or just going on a shopping spree where I would find it such a hassle to bring a lot of different bags. I just stuff everything in my reusable bag and I’m good-to-go.

Mis Cosas Reds

Another instance that I found extreme use for it was when I was in France. I was there for 3 long months and to help me survive, I had to go to the grocery and cook my own food. Unlike here in the Philippines, there were no baggers (bag boys who’d help you pack the things that you shopped for), there were no readily available plastic bags – except for some groceries, and to top it all, you’d have to pay for one plastic bag or a reusable bag.

Mis Cosas yellows

Good thing when I was packing my things, I brought 2 reusable bags. One I was thinking of using as a pseudo laptop bag (we did that even here in the Philippines) and the other one was just an extra one (just in case I needed another one). Needless to say, I definitely saved a penny or two but with the high conversion rate, I obviously saved a couple of hundreds.

Mis Cosas Green

When I got back to Manila, I really wanted to start a business and I wanted it to be something in connection to something that I truly loved. I obviously loved bags and light-weight bags and I wanted something like Longchamp or Le Sportsac. (Trivia: Did you know that the Longchamp Le Pliage bag that everyone is raving about was originally designed to be a shopping bag?) And I obviously loved shopping (hence the name of the blog). And then came the birth of Mis Cosas.

Mis Cosas Bags with Kinney

Mis Cosas.

Mis Cosas is the Spanish term for “My Stuff” or “My Things”. I envisioned Mis Cosas to be a collection of all the favorite things that I have or all the favorite things that I’d like to have.

Mis Cosas Blues

For the first product of Mis Cosas, the Crayola Carry Alls, I wanted something in different colors (17 colors to be exact) and lightweight. The concept of the reusable bag was brought about the need for us, people who live in Pasig, to always bring a bag whenever we would go to the grocery. A couple of months back, they have already banned plastic bags here and as a result, they would use brown paper bags – which I think is also totally not good for the environment because they be chopping more trees to produce these bags.

Mis Cosas Browns

Because of this need, and because of the future need (the anti-plastic bag law will be implemented all over the Philippines in January), I decided that it was time for a Filipino to come up with a line catering to the reusable bags. I know that there are already some in the market but I needed something in different colors and something that would not clash too much with your outfit (ang arte, bow).

Model 4 Bags Smile

Crayola Carry Alls.

The Crayola Carry Alls look like the typical plastic bag. You know it’s called the t-shirt shirt bag because it looks like a t-shirt. Well, actually, a sando. I decided to come out with different colors of it because as I said, sometimes, the reusable bags that I have would clash with my outfit (and most of the bags out there are in printed fabric). Let’s say, there are times when I’m wearing blue and then I have a bag in khaki and green, it would really look a bit off. (Don’t you think so??)

Model 4 Bags v2 Web

In addition to that, I designed for it to be this way as well because not only can you use this when you go to grocery. You can also use this when you go to the beach. You go to school and you have lots of folders or books to carry. You go to the mall (Rockwell) and you want to be “fasyon”. There are even some people who actually use this as a bag – going to the parlor, going to a family member’s house, etc.

Model Brown Bag

But going down to the basics of why it was created, I decided for it to be big enough to hold around 2-3 plastic bags full of grocery items and strong enough to hold heavy load. I for one tested here at home and put 18.5lbs of weights inside the bag and hung it around on our gate for 6 hours and it didn’t break. YAY!

Model Purple Bag

The bag itself has the following dimensions – 15″ high x 25″ wide x 6″ deep. It folds into a 6” x 6” pouch with a 7” diameter wristlet which you can hang around the handle of the bag (so you won’t lose it). You can stuff coins, papers or whatever you want in the bag so that it wont get lost.

It’s made out of Ripstop Diamond Taffetta. You won’t see it in the pictures but when you look closely, there are tiny diamonds in the fabric. I made a little research about ripstop and it seems that these are woven fabrics made out of nylon and when weaving them, a special reinforcing technique is used that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. This is the primary material used in a paraglider or in hot air balloons. So imagine how durable it is.

The Price. Currently, it is being sold at PHP250 each and if you buy 4, I can give it to you for PHP900. It’s the perfect gift this Christmas season because not only will the recipient use it but you will always be remembered because they will keep on using it!

How to buy?

You can go to our online shop: http://miscosasonline.com or you can contact us via their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/MisCosasOnline. If you prefer to email me, please email me at miscosas888@gmail.com.

Let’s be eco friendly this Christmas!

Comments and suggestions are welcome; please don’t hesitate to post them!


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P.S. Thanks to EJ Arboleda for all of the pictures, Ginger Palma-Arboleda for the make-up and the Model Rachel Perez. 🙂

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