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Since the birth of the plastic shoe – Melissa Shoes, Grendha, Mel, now comes another brand that caters to the plastic shoe. Admittedly, I  am one of the avid fans and followers of the plastic shoe since 2006. During one of my window shopping at the Rockwell mall, one of the shoe stores that I really check out is Officine. I noticed that there was this other brand, Terra and Agua, who carries and caters to the plastic shoe following in the Philippines. Check out their press release below.

Over the last decade or so, fashion has given us enough room to break every rule in the style bible, once strictly followed by the fashion mavens of yore–from clashing prints to color blocking, the lines between tacky, experimental and fashionably acceptable have gradually been blurred. Given our fashion freedom, it can easily be said that we’ve seen just about everything; that is of course until the plastic shoes were re-introduced into the market. Heralding a new era in footwear, plastic shoes, which have been around since the 1980s, have once more enamoured the fashion world and has definitely gotten back in vogue with its new styles, vibrant colors, and attractive scent.

Taking note of this fashion redux, Brazilian borne brand Terra & Agua launched their line of plastic shoes that was set to enhance the charm and beauty of Brazilian women. In 2001, the brand released their first collection of plastic shoes that were inspired by the country’s gorgeous females: Daring, up to date, and innately stylish, just as the women were. But past simply eye catching designs and embellishments, Terra & Agua’s shoes collections provide you with the utmost comfort. Created with PVC plastic as its base, your feet can be assured of a comfortable break in and you need not worry about sore feet at the end of a long day.

More than just your run-off-the-mill plastic shoes, Terra & Agua’s shoes go past conventional design with its use of mixed materials on the shoes, which include various fabrics, leather and EVA (popularly known as foam rubber) among others. There is also much attention to detail that even the colors of these shoes are carefully studied. For years, intellectuals and scholars believed that colors can transmit sensations to alter moods and even heal. Terra & Agua loves and believes in the power color as well. Popular colors include red, which symbolizes passion, enthusiasm, and various encounters between personalities. Blue on the other hand symbolizes purification, expels negative energies, promotes kidness and patience, and encourages the pursuit of truth.

No one understands beauty and plastic shoes more than the Brazilians do. This should be enough reason for you to head out and grab your own pair of Terra & Agua shoes. Choose from a number of designs which include the Grega, Comfort, Hally, Fashionable Ta (Ta Studio), Atenas, Capri, Montreal, Nice, and Garopaba, that will surely suit a number of personal styles.

Terra & Agua is available at Alberto branches and Officine Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, Solenad2 Nuvali and Ayala Center Cebu.

Price Range:


Terra & Agua’s Fashionable line has style and class written all over it. A strappy stiletto minus the back-breaking pain of walking in them, this shoe is perfect for any after-work affair.

Price points: P 2,700

Material: PVA


The Greek Collection brings together the strength and beauty of the goddesses of Olympus to your feet with its simple yet stunning design.

Price points: P 1,950

Materials used: Leather strap, EVA wedge

Collection Grega


Just as its name suggests, the Comfort Collection puts comfort as its first priority. But that doesn’t mean that its design takes a back seat.

Price points: P 1,700 – P 1,800

Materials used: Leather strap, EVA heel

Collection ComfortCOLLECTION HALLY

The Hally Collection is the brand’s quirky line of footwear that is fun, colorful, and comfortable. Definitely for the more adventurous fashion maven.

Price points: P 1,800

Materias used: PVA

Collection Hally


Taking its inspiration from the Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of war, art, and wisdom, this collection best complements the modern woman: Strong but with all the right touches of femininity, without giving up comfort.

Price points: P 1,400 – P 1,750

Materials used: PVC

Collection Atenas


Price points: P 1,600 – P 1,650

Material: PVC

Inspired by the Italian island of Capri, a magical place said to have inspired a number of writer and artists, the Capri collection holds a certain charm and romance with its quirky embellishments and jewel-toned color.

Collection Capri


Montreal is said to have been named after Mont-Royal, a triple-peaked hill located at the heart of the city. Taking its cue from the city’s namesake, the Montreal collection features a pointed-toe pump with cut outs, giving your feet added comfort and some breathing room.

Price points: P 1,400

Materials used: PVC

Collection Montreal


Parisians have always had an affinity for all things glamorous and an innate sense of style, which is why it comes as no surprise that the Nice Collection is the perfect mix of classic style and elegance. This goes perfectly from the office to your after work escape.

Price points: P 2,700

Materials used: PVC

Collection Nice


True to its Brazilian roots, the Garopaba collection, named after the municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil, is your perfect accessory the next time you head to the sunny beaches of Southern Brazil, or any beach for that matter.

 Price points: P 2,200

Materials used: PVC strap, EVA Wedge

Collection Garopaba


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