Sole Sister Lifestyle Products for September 2011

Starting September 1, 2011, Sole Sister Lifestyle will be selling these items. They have the Penelope, which is a combination of 2 colors and would show your sweet yet quirky self.


As for the Cleo, it’s a combination of black and animal print trimmings. This is something that would show your elegance yet fierceness.


Dorothy will show your adventurous glam. These shining and shimerring shoes will definitely show the diva in you.

The Monica shows the casual chic in you. It looks like the normal moccasins that you can wear anywhere and everywhere.


Sandra is similar to Monica except that there is no tassel.


Sabrina looks like the normal ballet flats except that it’s two-tone which is the ultimate twist to the classic ballet flats.


And lastly, Solemates, the classic ballet flats in the colors that you will definitely love.


Interested? I’m sure you are. Well, here’s how to buy:

Fill out the order form at this website:

For more information, you can contact them through the following;

Twitter: solesisterph

Check out more pictures here:

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