February: Luck, Love and Fashion

Today is the first day of February. The month of love. The month of the Chinese New Year.


Tomorrow, our Chinese friends will be celebrating the eve of the Chinese New Year and will welcome the year of the Metal Rabbit. It’s supposed to be a great year for me and for those people who were born under the year of the Boar. I’m actually pretty excited for this year and I truly and honestly believe that this will really a great year for me – for both work and non-work. I actually can’t wait to find out what this year will bring in for me.


On matters of the heart. Well that’s a different story. Although, Valentines Day is usually a day for couples, I have learned that it can still be fun for people who do not have partners. First of all, for the past couple of years, the people who have made my life really whole and complete are my family and friends. They really have made me felt how truly blessed I am. For that, I am really grateful.


On Friday, February 4, 2010, Erzullie will be featured in the Fabric Fashion Show. This will be at 10:00 PM at the S Lounge, Atrium Building at Makati Avenue. During this time, Erzullie will be showing off the items that they have to offer. Also, for a happy-happy Friiday night, you get a free Piper Heisieck cocktail when you buy 2 PLUS you also have free valet parking.

For Luxe room and table reservations, contact the following numbers:
408 1852/0915 613 1474/0915 613 1289

For more information, you can contact Erzullie at the following email address:

Click here to go directly to the Facebook Event Invite.

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