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Are you a heavy mobile phone user? Well, maybe not really because you are talking on the phone all the time nor may it be because you’re texting a whole lot but because the new and fascinating ways that you can use your cellphone. I’ve noticed that the more complicated or the more feature your cellphone would have, the faster the battery would drain. Do you often feel like suddenly, you’re in the middle of the day and you find yourself out of battery at the most crucial times in you life. I have felt that. A couple of times this year. Not because I use my phone all the time, but I tend to forget to charge my phone in the morning because I get so caught up in the morning rush of things. Some of the products that I came across recently are the Power Crystal, Power Miracle, and Universal Charger from MiLi: Mobile Power Solutions.

MiLi Power Miracle

MiLi Power Miracle is a portable power bank designed for all kinds of phones and devices. It is actually perfect for those people who are into techie things and bring and USE a whole lot of things at the same time. It comes with a lot of different adapters to ensure that it would fit the charging port of any device. Once it has been drained, you can recharge it by plugging it into your computer via the USB cable. It’s soo easy, ey?

MiLi Power Crystal

This is actually pretty similar to the MiLi Power Miracle but it’s smaller. You can toss it into your purse, tuck in your pocket or even hang it with your ID in your lanyard. Just like the MiLi Power Miracle it also comes with discrete carrying pouch that will hold the power bank and adapter heads for easy transportability.

Universal Charger

OMG. This is soo smart. This is perfect for all travelers out there. You just bring one thing and you’re confident that wherever you go, whatever “universal port” they have for that country, you are sure to be able to plug in anything! COOL!

What about you? What MiLi: Mobile Power Solutions do you think best fits you?

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