Acupuncture London: A Brand Born from the Land of Royalties

One of the brands that will be joining the Esprit de Noel Bazaar is Acupuncture London. This is actually the first time that I have ever came across this brand. I actually first thought that it had something to do with medicines. I was actually pretty surprised that this brand is all about sneakers. This is actually one of the brands that would also be perfect for those folks who do not like mainstream brands.

This brand started with a few friends selling vintage designer punk gear and old school trainers out of a tiny shop in Soho which at that time (1993) was England’s seediest alley. What they didn’t know was that their brand will become o the leading names in freestyle fashion footwear today.

Acupuncture’s move into shoes had a suitably anarchic beginning. When the original “puncturist” Phil De Mesquita took over the running of the shoo in 1995. One of his first ideas wsa to sell 5,000 pairs in the UK and Japan and then all over the world. Acupuncture London’s designs successfully attracted superstars like Madonna, Robbie Williams, BJORK, Gwen Stefani, Jude Law, and many more!

Now, the fashionable footwear brand that has captivated Europe, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Taiwan has arrived in the Philippines. And this November, you can catch them at the Esprit de Noel Bazaar.

Check out more pictures here.

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One thought on “Acupuncture London: A Brand Born from the Land of Royalties”

  1. Wahahaha, when I saw this summary come up in my reader I thought you had actually gone to have yourself acupunctured. But those are really interesting shoes, especially the ones in the third to the last photo. Oooh and the red! Will definitely watch out for them. I don’t normally go to bazaars but these are exciting me!

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