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As you all would probably guess by now, I do not work in the Fashion Industry. I just do this blogging because it’s something that I like to do. And sometimes, knowledge about these things that we like, for example, me, I like Fashion, Shopping, the Internet, etc., are not that accessible to us. So when an opportunity to learn more about something that we are passionate about comes up, we should definitely grab the chance! 🙂

For all of you guys out there who are interested in fashion and the arts, you should definitely go to this event. Unfortunately though, its set on a Tuesday so people who work really have to get out of their jobs to attend this. I’m actually very fortunate to have been part of an audience where Kenneth Cobonpue shared his designs.

His work is really fantastic. He gets ideas from EVERYWHERE, literally and creates such beautiful things and shares them to the WORLD (literally again). These are the things that we, as Filipinos, should be truly proud of. And with that, I’m actually looking forward to a lot MORE Filipino talents out there. I wonder, who will be the next fashion and art icon?

I really hope that Manila Shopaholic will be a part of the future icons out there. So if you guys know of a friend or a brand that you think will really make it big, drop me a note. Let’s feature them and make the world know of their talent. 😉

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