Congratulations Dhadha G!

Hey, Dhadha G!

Congratulations! 🙂 You won the Nokia: My Life Promo contest of Manila We hope that you enjoy your New Nokia C5 phone. Stay young at heart and we hope that you keep on reading Manila Shopaholic! 🙂 Once again, congratulations. Hope we made your day! 🙂

Manila Shopaholic

To all of the winners of the other sister blogs of Manila Shopaholic (Manila Reviews, Manila Fitness, Manila Blogs, Manila Mommy), congratulations as well! 🙂 We will be sending you a confirmation email on how you will be claiming your prize.

Also, to all of you contest fanatics out there, check out Manila Shopaholic on Monday (September 20, 2010), I have another thing in store for you! 🙂

Have a great WEEKEND! 🙂

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  • putchukoy

    whew, 4th place here! hahaha, congrats Dhadha G!

  • whew, 2nd place hahaha better luck next time sa atin putchukoy!
    congrats dhadha g!

  • congrats kinney! and the manila blogs family. and nokia.

  • putchukoy

    onga least dito 4th ako. sa manilamommy, 17 ako! wow! Thanks Manilashoppaholic for this! also to nokia!

  • thanks for being a good sport hidburn! sana sa susunod ikaw na. contratahin mo na ang! hehehe

  • good luck in the next contest!

    congrats kinney! dami mong pera ha! hahahaha

  • Congratulations! Thank God 🙂

  • Starako2004


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for joining ha! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for joining Minnie! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks hidburn! And thanks for joining!! =)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Putchukoy! =) Next time! 😀

  • manilamommy

    congrats dhadha g!!

    putchokoy – sali ka uli sa mga contests namin ha 😀

  • OMG! I won?! D talga ako makapaniwala. Weeee! 😀 I would like to thank ManilaShopaholic and the Manila blogs family! And Nokia too for sponsoring the contest. 🙂 Thank you – thank you ng bonggang-bongga guys! God bless and more power! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome! Thank you too for supporting our blogs! =)

  • Anonymous

    haha. next time sana magsponsor ulit! 😛

  • Anonymous

    Dhadha, can you do me a favor and send me a picture of yourself when you claim the prize and also write something about it so that I can feature you? Thanks! 😀