SoFa: Intro to Shoe and Bag Design

I’m a shoe and a bag person but that still comes second to me since I really prioritize clothes. But making shoes and bags *I think* is still easier to do than clothes since there are some clothes that are really complicated. I’m really interested in taking this but I still don’t have time. When I have time, this one will be in my bucket list. I promise myself that.

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7 thoughts on “SoFa: Intro to Shoe and Bag Design”

  1. I enrolled last week. I hope they get enough students so the workshop pushes through! 🙂 I actually took a leave from my work (as a lawyer) just to get into this workshop. :>

  2. I’m pretty sure it’ll push through? 🙂 Really, wow attorney! I know how you feel though. It’s nice to do something that you like to do instead of doing something that you have to do 🙂

  3. it’s scary!!! im not used to giving in to spontaneity. haaay. i hope this pays off. my parents are just very patient with me hahahah

  4. It should be fun!! 🙂 Let me know if you have your own line na ha? 😛 I’ll feature you! 😀

  5. is this course more on designing shoes? i’m interested in a course that will teach the students to actually make different types of shoes.

    i’ll wait for your reply.  salamat!

  6. Yes, but this was a long time ago! You might want to check back with them if they have new schedules already 🙂

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