Nokia: My Life Promo from Manila Blogs Family

We are celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary with a bang! The Manila Blogs Family would like to thank all of our readers and loyal followers who have been with us for the past 5 years (Manila Reviews) by giving away FREE NOKIA phones.

We started out with Manila Reviews last January 2005, and over the years, we have developed blogs to address the needs and concerns of our readers. Just so you know, the Manila Blogs Family is composed of a family of bloggers with different personalities and interests. This paved the way for creating 5 unique blogs that we hope you all love: Manila Reviews (for the Pinoy foodie and food entrepreneur), Manila Mommy (for the loving “mommy”), Manila Fitness (for the active and health conscious “gym/yoga rat”), Manila Shopaholic (for the “kikay” and trendy shopaholic) and Manila Blogs (for the blogger or Internet expert).

On this special occasion, Nokia Philippines ties up with Manila Blogs Family to give you FREE Nokia phones that would suit your personality.

For the “kikay” and trendy shopaholic… Manila Shopaholic is giving you the Nokia C5

Image from here.

This phone is perfect for the fashionable and stylish shopper because it is very sleek and convenient to use. You can just stack in anywhere in your bag and its very lightweight. With this phone, you can instant access popular social networking sites such as Facebook. In additon to that, you can also connect to your email such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo with Nokia Messaging or you can get a free acount from Ovi Mail which you can access via phone or PC. You can also chat with people via Google Talk and Windows Messenger.

Image from here.

The Nokia C5 has a 5-way Navi key and 2 soft keys. Also, it comes in 2 colors: white and warm gray. It also has a MicroSD memory card slot and can store up to a maximum of 16 GB which is in addition to the 50MB internal memory that it already has. For those of you guys who are reliant on Bluetooth, worry not, cause this also has Bluetooth. You can also synch it via your Nokia PC Suite.

Promo Mechanics:

1. For the Nokia: My Life contest, each contestant will have the chance to gather raffle entries to win the FREE Nokia phone. To gather raffle entries, the contestant may:

a. Comment on this post (1 raffle entry): The comment should be a reply to this question: “How does this Nokia phone fit your lifestyle?” Please post just 3 sentences at the maximum.

b. Like our Facebook Fanpage (1 raffle entry): Please click on this link to like Manila Review’s facebook fanpage.

c. Be a member of our forum and introduce yourself (1 raffle per week): Please go this link Manila blogs Family Forum and introduce yourself! We would like to get to know you c”,)

To get more raffle entries, you can do the following:

d. Create a blog post (3 raffle entries): You can create a blog post, where you can write about the Nokia: My Life contest and the featured phone. Be sure to link back to this post, use the poster that we have uploaded/used in this article and also place a link to

e. Update your Facebook wall/status (1 raffle entry per week): We will be uploading new pictures into each blog every week, which in turn you will have to upload into your facebook account and tag at least 10 friends plus the fanpage of the blog (Manila Reviews Fanpage).

f. Send a Tweet (1 raffle per week): Tweet about the Nokia: My Life contest using the link to our entry.
These are the ways in which you can earn points. The more steps you follow, the greater the chances of winning.

2. Upon doing any of the given steps, please notify Manila Shopaholic IMMEDIATELY that you have joined by commenting on this post and placing the links that you have accomplished. Without this post, your entries will not be valid. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

3. At the end of the promo period, we will place all your entries and use to choose the specific winner for each of the blogs. From September 16-17, we will be tallying the number of entries and on September 18, we will be announcing the winners. The winners for each site will be posted in the particular site. We will send you a confirmation email that you will print out as proof.

4. You may claim your prize from the Nokia Office (40F Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas, Makati). Please bring a valid ID and the confirmation email. Please look for Janelle from 10am – 3pm, Mondays to Fridays.

5. Nokia: My Life will be open to all readers of all the Manila Blogs Family sites, except relatives of the Manila Blogs Family to the first degree of consanguinity and affinity. All contestants should be living currently in the Philippines.

6. Since each Manila Blogs Family site (,, and will give out one FREE NOKIA phone each. A contestant may join and follow steps a-f for each site.

7. Entries for each site will be tallied and taken separately. We will have 5 winners of the 5 FREE Nokia Phones.

8. Promo period will last from Aug 16 – Sept 16, 2010.

We hope that you continue to follow and visit our sites daily! Thank you and lots of luck to all!

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138 thoughts on “Nokia: My Life Promo from Manila Blogs Family”

  1. liked you on facebook! 🙂

    this phone will fit my lifestyle as a veterinarian so I can be in touch with my patients and clients at all times. This is to ensure a good quality of life and a harmonious relationship between us.

  2. Nokia C5 fits my lifestyle because I’m a doctor-on-the-go who’s often away from home missing my husband and children.

  3. First, I want to greet you a Happy 5th Anniversary to all of you blogger of that Manila family blogs!

    Here are my entries for this worth joining for contest

    a. It is fitted for my life style because of the colors and thickness are perfect for my personality, I like white colors as well as gray too, the internet providing of this phone gives an easy access to go online for a quick browsing on different network, I love shortcuts because I am a slow foot person.

    b. I like your fb page already. here’s my link

    c. I am a member already of your forum. my username is Mr. Sensible-

    d. I blogged about this.also you can follow me fellows.

    e.I updated my status on fb and tag 10 friends –

    f.I tweeted this.

    that’s all so count my entries and tell me if there’s invalid hehe! your page is cool, as well as your contest. I’ll be a

    follower of you.

  4. The Nokia C5 fits my lifestyle as I’m an internet and tech savy person and I’m sure that the Internet and social networking features of this phone will be very helpful to me when I’m not on my laptop.

  5. Additional entries kinney 🙂

    Nokia C5 perfectly fits my lifestyle for I am currently addicted to Facebook and Twitter 🙂

    Joined the forum and introduced myself with handle MinnieRunner –

    Uploaded picture in FB –!/photo.php?pid=4772427&id=681389894&op=1&subj=101879886520882&view=all&aid=-1&oid=101879886520882&comments&ref=mf

  6. This phone fits me well because I like to take pictures of my baby. This will also let me access facebook and create blog even if i’m on the go.

    This is my official entry to
    a) this is my Comment above
    b) Liked Manila Review’s facebook fanpage, here’s my profile (!/jbcanuto)
    c) already a member the forum and introduced my self (;u=61)

    I’ve also created a blog post about the phone giveaway:

    tweed also here

  7. This phone suits me a lot because like this phone I’m simple but has a lot of functional features.. because I have a lot of talents such as singing, good in declamation and cooking which I considered functional.=) And I think this is a time for me to have a new phone in replacement for my 6070

    Here are my Entries:

    -Commented here
    -liked the Facebook fan page. My FB username: Zyra Mea T. Bautista
    -had been a member of your forum=)
    -retweeted it
    -shared it in different sites and this are the links:

    -updated my profile and shared your photo on Facebook together with the link!/zyrameabautista

  8. This phone is everything that i need. Its fashionable, lightweight, i can access email messages instantly which fit my busy lifestyle.I know that there is no other phone than NOKIA that i can have that is USERFRIENDLY. I just love NOKIA because it ultimately gives thought to the most non high-tech person in the world and makes it easy for them to use and transform them to high tech persons.

  9. This phone fits my lifestyle because it will help me keep connected while I’m on the move. The design is simple yet chic which makes it suitable for us kikays.

  10. This phone fits my lifestyle because it will help me keep connected while I’m on the move. The design is simple yet chic which makes it suitable for us kikays.

  11. happy 5th Year Anniversary to your Manila Blogs family! more power and more readers and followers to come! 🙂

    btw, I left a comment and answered the question…“How does this Nokia phone fit your lifestyle?”

    Nokia phone fits my lifestyle because apart from being a SAHM, I am a certified shopaholic! Shopping is a food for my soul! Feed me please?? 😀

    -liked your FB fan page

    -now a member of your forum and introduced myself

    -created a blog

    -updated my fB wall or status!/profile.php?id=100000962916046

    -tweeted an retweeted

  12. Hi, Michelle!

    You also have to like’s fanpage. Check out the sidebar on the right. 🙂

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