Hello Lovely and Magical June!

June is actually known as back-to-school month, however for some people its actually known as the month of a large number of marriages. Well, hello lucrative industry. Since we’re on to the topic of marriages and love, let me share with you a few things that I love and am looking forward to this June.

First of… I love sale. Yes, even in June, there’s sale. I got a text from BPI that when you use your BPI Express Teller ATM or more popularly known as EPS, you get an exclusive 50% off on sale items at participating Plains & Prints outlets from June 2-27.

I researched further about this and found out that for every: P1,500 you get a P150 Gift Voucher, P2,500 you get a FREE Plains and Prints Eau de Toilette, and for P3,500 FREE P400 Plains and Prints Gift Voucher. Check out Plains and Prints on Facebook.

On to my next love, movies! Although I don’t really get to watch a lot of movies nowadays, if given the opportunity, I would really love to watch a whole lot of movies. Today, there are 2 really cool movies that I’m hoping I would have time to watch.

First is Sex and the City 2. I’m pretty sure that all of the girls out there is gearing up to watch this movie. Sex and the City 2 is actually a sequel to the 2008 film. I’m soo excited for the fashion and gadgets (I heard HP will also be showcasing their stylish HP Spring Collection). Don’t you find it funny that even gadgets have the fashionable collections? Anyway, Sex and the City 2 will be featuring, the HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition. This edition made its runway debut at new Your Fashion Week as part of Tam’s spring 2010 collection.

Another one making its debut on the SATC 2 Movie is the HP TouchSmart PC. This sleek design that has high definition widescreen display with multi-touch-enabled screen has already been featured in project Runway. This PC enables designers to create fabric patterns in a design-challenge. Aside from the touch screen feature, a really cool feature of this is its Built-in TV tuner. You can watch, pause, rewind and record live TV with touch-screen simplicity. Oh and for those people who love working in the dark, this model has an HP Ambient Light which lets you set a mood or see your keyboard in the dark. And just like a photo frame, you can it also comes with an adjustable stand that moves up to 40 degrees so you can tilt the display for maximum viewing comfort. Aside from that, this is also a very good space saver given that you won’t have another gadget for a CPU. Everything is already built into the back of the screen. You only need a keyboard and a mouse and you’re ready to go. Oh and it comes with a remote control as well.

HP TouchSmart TM2 notebooks PCs are also featured in this movie. These convertible, touch-screen laptops were also given to the Project Runway designers to function as their digital sketchpads since this laptop can be converted into a tablet.

Second movie that I would like to watch is Noy. Noy is a Filipino indie film that stars Coco Martin. Coco Martin here is the family’s breadwinner who poses as a journalist commissioned to come up with the documentary following the presidential campaign of Sen. Noynoy Aquino for the 2010 National Elections. What makes it interesting to me is that it is actually based on the real actual campaign that was done.

Hmmm… I’m just drooling with anticipation right now. One thing that I can say, I’m really excited!

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