Summer Solstice Bazaar: Shoeology

Define: Shoeology

Shoeology (n) – The empirical study of ultra fashionable footwear that invokes feelings of individuality and flair to those that wear them and feelings of awe, envy, and compulsiveness to purchase to those who see them in others.

Their shoes are made from Synthetic Leather or Fabric. The Plain Flats are usually priced at Php 749. Printed Flats are Php 799. While the heels are Php 999.

The prices for the new items will debut during the Summer Solstice Bazaar. So you can’t miss that! 🙂

For more information, visit their websites:

Don’t forget to leave your comments to get a chance to win tickets to the Summer Solstice Bazaar! 🙂

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