Alterations Plus: Back-to-School Promo

It’s the end of May already and soon enough it’s going to be back-to-school again. (ugh, traffic). But for those students out there, I’m pretty sure that they are very, very excited to go to school. I still remember the time when I still had the luxury of summer, around March, I was very excited to end school but at the end of May, I would be very bored to death and would wish that I would have classes soon. Ironic. Life is just soo Ironic.

Anyway, for those folks who need new school uniforms or alter old school uniforms to make them look brand new, Alterations plus has a Back-To-School Promo. They are giving 20% discount for all alterations or made-to-order of school uniform but it’s only until May 31! So visit your nearest Alterations Plus outlet near you!
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