Tango T&M

Tango T&M has new stocks! 🙂 Drop by their Megamall branch on the 3rd level of Building B. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Tango T&M”

  1. Dear T&M Management,
    I would like to inform your good office regarding our experience yesterday at your store, SM Megamall to be specific, around 7 in the evening. My fiance & I was looking for the best suite for our wedding, and finally we saw it at your store. Upon checking the style, the fabric not to mention the price, we find it really perfect, but we need to partner it with a tie and a long sleeve as well, that’s why my fiance ask for a help while I was busy looking for a dress, and at my back I heard someone with a loud voice talking to my fiance, and that caught my attention, your gay personnel said in a loud voice PARA SAAN BA GAGAMITIN? my fiance said in a humble voice, sa wedding. then your personnel said in an arrogant way, ANO KA BA DON? BEST MAN?, then i cut him I said, he was the groom! then your personnel continued with his talking (very irritating gestures, facial expressions plus the way he said it!!! he is really getting into my nerves!) your personnel said “KAPAG WEDDING DAPAT IKAW UNG NAKAPUTING DAMIT ANO KA AABAY O AATEND NG MEETING? MAG PUTI KANG DAMIT TAPOS BLUE NA TIE KUNG GUSTO MO MAG MOTIF! -this was not the exact or word per word that he said but this is his message, he even said more but I stopped listening to him already because he’s getting into my nerves, and I asked my fiance if I have to answer back your personnel right away, good thing my fiance said NO, that’s why we walked out of your store but before I leave, I said and i assumed that one of your lady personnel who stand in front of me  heard me said, “we’re here to find clothes not and not to be taught on what to buy! The reason why my fiance is looking for a royal blue long sleeve is that we are breaking the traditional fashion on wedding, we want to highlight our wedding theme, which is “something New (which is our dress) and something Old (which is the other wedding detail and entourage look) we are very open to any suggestion if that was the concern of your personnel but not with the way he said it. The manner is really irritating to the point that I want to go directly to the customer service of SM Megamall because he is humiliating my fiance already. I was about to buy clothes since it was in your store, that I found a good dress with a combination of our motiff (yellow and blue dress) but into my disappointment, I think I will never go back to your store at megamall.
    Hope you would do an immediate actions on this one. 

  2.  Oh my gosh. I’m soo sad to hear that. I hope that someone form T&M would be able to read this. 🙂

  3. Hi maam,
    Just want to share my story jan din po branch ng megamall.. before ang kasama ko nagpunta jan eh ung tita ko from japan.. mahilig sa clothes and namurahan sya compare sa japan para sa fabric at designs ng clothes.. ung mga sales lady nila very accomodating..
    but then just last week me and my husband to be naghahanap kame ng masusuot namin for our civil wedding.. grabe sila as in wala man lang lymapit samin para mag assist.. siguro sa itsura namin na mga mukhang nene at totoy na nagwiwindow shopping lang.. nakakabwiset at nakakawalang gana.. ung tipong mukhang walang pera walang karapatan iassist.. edi ok.. ayusin sana nila. lali na mga empleyado nila.. nasisira pangalan ng botique sa kanila…

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