Cheap Branded Boardshorts :)

Are you in search for boardshorts? 🙂 Well, I usually am. It’s one of those things that I usually look for during the summertime. Honestly, it’s really difficult to find one that fits you. I haven’t even found a Philippine brand that has the right fit. Good thing there are some entrepreneural people who import stuff and sell it here for a WAY CHEAPER price. WAY CHEAPER than what the stores would offer.

One of my “suki” is this multiply shop. They offer Roxy and Billabong boardshorts for a cheaper price. Around 1,000k each – depends on the style. However, compared to what you can get from the stores wherein each pair wold cost around P2700 each. Good deal, right?

Here are some of the styles that she offers:

For more information, you may check her multiply site.

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