@manilaworkshops presents KokoCute: A #Kokoru Workshop on August 23, 2014

Manila Workshops, together with IFEX (International Fine Exchange Paper) and Kokoru, are happy to introduce Corrugated Paper Crafting through their workshop, entitled “Koko-Cute: A Kokoru Workshop”. This will be held on August 23, 2014 at the Shine Bakery, 3rd Floor SM Aura, Taguig City.

KokoCute - A Kokoru Workshop Poster 20140723

Corrugated Paper is probably one of the most under-rated art materials that we have nowadays. Little people would know that with just some corrugated paper and a few simple craft supplies, you would be able to come up with beautiful projects. Corrugated paper crafting is definitely fun for all ages. Make beautiful items with this versatile paper. You can make stationery, notecards, boxes, cute displays and even decorate your scrapbook. Making these projects is definitely fun for the whole family!

Kokoru Pictures

And as a primer to Corrugated Paper Crafting, Manila Workshops, has invited Jonessa Cubacub, a corrugated paper crafter to teach both the young and the  young at heart to learn how to go about this. During this workshop, all of the items will be included and a step by step guide will be done in order to walk you through the whole process. This particular workshop will focus on teaching you how to create your very own corrugated paper animals and pencil toppers.

Workshop fees are as follows:

  • Early Bird Rate: PHP 1,500 (paid by August 8, 2014)
  • Regular Rate: PHP 1,700 (starting August 9, 2014)
  • Group Rate: PHP 1,300 per participant (group of 3 or more participants)

*Fees include all of the materials for the workshop, food and drinks!

For the guardians and companions who wish to stay during the workshop, there will be additional PHP 250 fee for food and drinks.

To register, please fill out the form found at the Memory Crafters Website.

About Manila Workshops

Manila Workshops has been in the industry for almost two years already under the company name GPA Events Management Services. It was founded by mompreneur, Ginger Palma-Arboleda, who thought of a brand that could help people achieve their personal and professional goals in life. Since 2012, Manila Workshops has been actively creating lifestyle workshops and has been partnering with Corporate clients and home-based businesses with the same goal.

For several years, we have been providing quality lifestyle workshops for individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals in life. We are continuously creating workshops that would help enhance knowledge in these different areas: creativity, business, and personal development.

Our team also provides support in terms of marketing and logistics for those “teachers” and “speakers” who are experts in their craft. We believe in sharing one’s talents and we will do the best we can to help an individual achieve this goal.

About Memory Crafters Workshop Series

Memory Crafters is Workshop Series of Manila Workshops (GPA Events Management Services). It is a set of fun and creative workshops offering arts and crafts workshops for both the young and the old. Whether an old-timer or a beginner in DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, we believe that there is a creative side in each one of us. We carefully and lovingly pick the workshop courses that we would offer to provide an opportunity for each individual to explore the wonderful world of creativity.

So far, the workshops that we have successfully ran are the Loom Band Afternoon Party and the Bears for Haiyan: A DIY Stuffed Bear Workshop. All of these workshops aimed to develop the creative side of each attendee.

About IFEX (International Fine Exchange Paper)

IFEX brings in the Best in Artists’ Materials here in the Philippines. They aim to have masterpieces rendered with only the best materials that you can find. All of the items that they have are fit from budding artists to well-celebrated people in the industry. They are the exclusive distributor of Kokoru.

About Kokoru

Kokoru is a brand of colored corrugated paper in strips and A4 size. It aims to stimulate and nurture people’s creativity and imagination in schools, in colleges, universities and in lifelong learning. This product provides the creative community with a form of expression and interaction with each other.

About The Speaker

Jonessa Cubacub is trained in the Food and Beverages Services and Barista under Hotel and Resaurant Services of TESDA. Jone loves the art of making reusable things out of old things. She loves to collect things and upcycles them to be able to use them again. Some of her projects are turning old jeans into bags, tin cans into pen holder and restyling an old study table into a work table. She delved into jewelry making which she sold her friends and relatives. Because of this, she has always been appointed the Christmas decorator in her own household. She also loves painting and drawing. This is the reason hy she believe that any form of art is for everyone. She says “you don’t have to be good at it – you just need to enjoy and love what you’re doing.”


To learn more about this workshop, please contact:

Memory Crafters

Friday Thoughts: What does my personal best look like?

Personal Best 1

I have been taking this challenge in the office that I super love. It’s called the Arete challenge and it kind of develops you into a better person. When Google Arete – it actually means “excellence of any kind.” (Taken from Wikipedia). But I remember when I was in France, or when I was learning French, that meant stop. So, honestly for me, it means – STOP. Think about things. Think about yourself. How can you make yourself better? Something like “Sharpening the Saw” Principle form the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Yes, I know. I’m a nerd. I love things like this.

Anyway, for the past few months I have been learning more about my Strengths. I took this Strengths Assessment test and it actually gave me the following result which is supposedly my Top 5 Strengths:

1.)    Responsibility

2.)    Harmony

3.)    Arranger

4.)    Input

5.)    Communication

All of which I agree with except that in the Communication part, I’m not very much of a speaker. Not in a big crowd of people I don’t know. I like talking to people I know and I’m comfortable with but not to strangers. Yes, I’m not that friendly. Haha. J

Anyway, my Day 7 Challenge is to think about what My Personal Best looks like. My Personal Best. Weird but I’ve heard that term before in running. When people would ask you what is your personal best? The only difference is that in running, it’s soo much easier to track that in terms of time. But in your life? How do you measure your life? Hard. And this is probably the reason why, I’m writing this entry. As you can see, since I have Communication in my number 5, I tend to communicate with my thoughts better when I write them down. Yes, writer lang ang peg. :)

At Work

What does my personal best look like?

Probably at work, my personal best would look something like 2011 to some extent. Haha. Yes, it was probably the best year of my career life when I was sent to France, leading the Knowledge Transfer of an application. That was the year when I found out that I liked to travel on business trips because I could be alone with myself. I like finding out new things and I actually like projects. I like seeing the start and the end of things. If something is continuous, I get tired after awhile and I don’t get the feeling of accomplishment because I can’t see the end of things.

How can I use my strengths to move closer to that?

I guess in the current job that I have right now, I have to admit that sometimes, I don’t see the end of things because it’s an ongoing thing. But I’m not complaining because I feel comfortable in it already. And honestly, if you know me, I don’t like stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m a scaredy cat like that. I know that I should change that but then I’m just not quite ready yet to take the leap.

However, with the strengths that I have, I think that I should create little projects for myself so that I know that there’s a start and an end. I can measure it and then I can feel the sense of accomplishment everytime I finish something.

At Home or Personal Life:

What does my personal best look like?

I guess, I can probably say that if I have the feeling of Harmony then I would feel very happy. I know that things will fall into place. It’s just a matter of time. But yes, waiting is difficult. Yes, indeed.

How can I use my strengths to move closer to that?

I guess I need more time to evaluate everything that is going on in my head. Probably just like this, I need to list everything down and figure out what I have to do. I know that it’s no reason but there’s just a lot of things going on and popping up that sometimes, I don’t get to really think. THINK, if you know what I mean.

My Health

What does my personal best look like?

Oh my gosh. Not even health. It’s just the weight thing. The battle of the bulge. WHEN, when will I ever win this war? #girlproblems I know what I have to do but I just don’t do it. Yes, stubborn.

How can I use my strengths to move closer to that?

Well first of all, I think I need to take MORE responsibility about this and be really SERIOUS about it. I wonder where I would get the “reason” for doing this. I read or heard somewhere that the only time when you really take something seriously is when you have a good reason for it. So I’m sure it’ll come. REALLY.

Anyway, I gotta go and go back to work. To end this post, let me share this with you. J Just because we are the best version of ourserlves and each passing day, we become better versions of ourselves. Happy Friday Loves. :)

Personal Best 2

TrustedCompany.com: Review a company and stop fraudulent acts!

How many times have you guys heard of a friend being scammed whenever he or she bought something? As for me, I cannot tell you how many times I heard this story. Sometimes, we would think that, that person is not smart enough. But hey, you can’t really blame that person. At times, this actually happens to the best of us as well. So, no blaming or pointing fingers here.

Incidentally, I came across Trustedcompany.com. This site is an open, review-driven community that connects consumers with each other. Hey, we can give reviews about different products, then why can’t we give reviews about where we actually buy this product? With this, we would actually try to help stop fraudulent activities especially in the internet. Who knows, you might be able to help someone and usually, good deeds really go back to you a thousand-fold.

Trusted Company

I actually checked the Philippine portion of this site and found out that they do a ranking of the different companies. You know what I noticed? All of the companies listed are dot coms which means that the shopping patterns of consumers have really changed from the old brick and mortar to more online activities! Yay for us. But really, I still do wish that there would be more companies that will be selling online. Also, PAYPAL, please?

So, for more information and if you would like to make a review on a specific company, visit the following site: http://trustedcompany.com/ph. I’m sure in the long run, it’ll be soo worth it! :)

Anyway, have a great Tuesday everyone! Stay safe and dry!

@LouiseAstra: Ballet Flats is Love. #shoesph

If you don’t know what ballet flats are then I’m not sure where you came from. :P I started really loving flats when I started to work in Makati wherein I have to walk from here, there to anywhere under the scorching rays of the sun with a laptop inside my backpack. Yeah. Perks of being in IT. In the other end of the spectrum, downside of being in IT. :P

I cannot, CANNOT imagine myself not being in flats or not loving flats one single bit. Yes, I may not look as “hot” as the other girls who wear sky high heels but there’s something about flats that I really love and adore.

Reason #1: Basic.

And basic is a foundation. A starting point. So really, it’s something that EVERYONE needs and will come back to. As simple as it is, everyone will come back to it. And basic never goes old. It’s a classic that will always and forever be in fashion.

Reason #2: Pair it with whatever and you’ll still look like a girl.

Yes, it’s true! It’s probably because of how it’s built – to look fine and petite. So even if you pair it up with loose jeans and loose top, you still look fab! Case in point, check out this post from dresscorilynn.com.

Reason #3: I can wear them ANYWHERE!

Go to work. Do errands. Go shopping. Go out. People won’t judge you because these are pretty much “respectable” shoes if you know what I mean. :P Have a rule, no open toes? It passes that. Want to look formal? Still can pass. Just depends on what you’re wearing. Casual day? Definitely. See? Soo versatile. So what’s there no to love, right?

Louise Astra

And lucky me, I got some new flats from Louise Astra. One was on the brown side and the other one is green. I am pretty much more attracted to the green one because of it’s color and fabric. It’s soo unique that I know that if I wear them, I am pretty sure that someone will take notice of it.

Louise Astra Manila Shopaholic Green

Need I say more?

Louise Astra is a Filipino brand founded by a self-confessed shopaholic mother just last year – July 2013. Each pair of shoe is exclusively designed using nice colors and materials. Want more? It doesn’t cost a fortune!

Louise Astra Manila Shopaholic Brown

Also, if you buy from them from now until the end of the month (July 31, 2014), you can get a pair for only PHP 250! What a great deal, huh?

Louise Astra July Promo


But don’t get me wrong. They don’t only offer flats. They also have sandals and wedges so any girl with any preference would definitely find something that would interest them!

Want to see more? Check them out here:

Louise Astra

Phone: 0917884 6571

Email: louiseastra.shoes@yahoo.com.ph

Facebook Fanpage: Click here

Instagram: @louiseastra

Have fun guys! And let me know if you find something interesting! ;)

Manila Workshops’ Loom Band Afternoon Party – August 2, 2014 @manilaworkshops @memorycrafters

Since May this year, I have really been crazy about looming. My 2-month journey with that have been really fun. I have graduated from using the non-branded loom to using Rainbow Loom, from using the non-branded bands to using the branded bands. One thing though I have to thank Loom Bands for, it made ties with my friends stronger. Every day on Viber will be a fun one, showing what you made, joking around about how what you made looks, what designs are new and upcoming. It just made each day fun and exciting (amidst all the work that we have to do).

A friend of mine actually posted on Facebook that when she was young, she would create bracelets out of rubber bands and paper clips. And if she was a good girl, her dad would buy her another box. You remember how those rubber bands looked like? They were the big ones that could actually hold rolled bond paper. TEEHEE. But now, NO! Rubber bands are cooler – more colorful and more expensive I might add. Yes, “sossy” is the term.

Since I’m in the business of “crafting” (daw), I would consider this a craft. Yes, I do. Manila Workshops (Memory Crafters Workshop Series), together with Mothercare Philippines and @iamloomprincess, are inviting everyone, beginners and advanced loomers to come and party with us. It will be a fun afternoon of learning and sharing. Learn new loom bracelet designs and share your knowledge with your peers as well! In this workshop, you will learn how to make around 3-5 loom bracelet designs.

Loom Band Afternoon Party


About Raissa Puno-Diaz (@iamloomprincess)

Raissa is the loomer behind @iamloomprincess (on Instagram). She was also the trainer during the last Loom Band Party for Memory Crafters held in May. This time around, she will be teaching a different set of loom bracelet designs for our audience.

 About Mothercare

Mothercare is a specialist retailer of products for mothers-to-be, babies and children up to the age of eight. They offer a wide range of maternity and children’s clothing, furniture, home furnishings, bedding, feeding, bathing, travel equipment and toys. Mothercare Philippines is also the distributor of the following brands: Belly Bandit, Oshi Mat, Skip Hop, Stokke, Flexibath, Comfi, OKBaby and Inglesina.

The Loom Band Afternoon Party will be held on August 2, 2014 (Saturday), from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM at Mothercare, The Podium Mall, Pasig City, Metro Manila.

Fees are as follows:

  • Early Bird Rate: PHP 1,100 (paid by July 18, 2014)
  • Regular Rate: PHP 1,300 (starting July 19, 2014)
  • Group Rate: PHP 3,000 (group of 3 participants)

*Fee would include your own loom band kit, rubber bands, food and drinks!

If you want to join us, please sign up here:

Early Learning Centre: Arts and Crafts Toy Kits

Last Saturday, I was around the Bonifacio High Street Area and I found myself going to the Active Fun Area. Why would I go there? First of all, I was looking for a venue for a playdate that I was planning to organize and two, I was looking for Loom Bands for my friends. Yes, I too, am crazy about that.

Going to these places is absolutely fantastic. Reminds you that life is fun and it’s okay to be a kid again. Actually, if given a choice, I would probably be a kid forever. The only downside of being a kid is not being able to earn money, hence not being able to buy the toys that I want. And you wouldn’t imagine how fantastic the toys are nowadays! Especially those of the arts and crafts. They’re not just the simple marker pens and paper. They’re soo much more than that!

If I were a kid nowadays, I’d have soo much fun. I swear.

My feet led me to Early Learning Centre wherein I found a couple of Arts and Crafts toys. Early Learning Centre is from the UK and they are known from creating fantastic toys that develop the vital skills of kids with the intent of still making them have tremendous fun.

They actually have one shelf there dedicated to all of the arts and crafts stuff that they have. And mind you they have kits. I really love these kits because they have everything that you need already to create the project that you want.

These are the kits that caught my eyes and they are all from the ELC Brand.

Sew Your Own Kokeshi Doll

Yes, because I really like these kinds of dolls. Typically, these kinds of kits costs PHP 599 but for this, since I think it’s an old stock, it’s already marked down to PHP 300. Not bad, ey?

Kokeshi Doll Kokeshi Doll Kokeshi Doll


Make Your Own Sports Set

So as not to be biased to the little boys. This kit can make medals, rosettes and flags for any sports activities that you have. Actually, I was thinking that this would be perfect for your team’s sports gimmick. And look, it has been marked down to PHP250!

Sports Set Sports Set


Make Your Own Jewelry

Because I’m just really fond of these sets. Marked down to PHP350!

Make Your Own Jewelry Make Your Own Jewelry

Animal Masks

Reminded me of our Memory Crafters Junior Box – The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Kokoru boxes. This is still being sold at the regular price of PHP 499.

Photo 6-21-14, 3 06 22 PM Animal Masks

And last but not the least…

Decorate Your Own Secret Keeper

Or diary (plain and simple). Haha. Being sold at the regular price of PHP699.

Photo 6-21-14, 3 06 48 PM Secret Keeper

So what do you think? Pretty neat, huh?


Vist Early Learning Centre at their following Branches:

  • Early Learning Centre, Level 3 Greenbelt 5
  • Early Learning Centre, Active Fun, Bonifacio High Street
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