2015 Heatwave Summer Bazaar and End of Summer Clearance Sale

Yes, I know that I have been gone for a long time now and I know that I’m still not going to be able to update this anytime soon because of all of the work that I have to do. BOOHOO. Life of a corporate slave but I know you guys know that I mean. Just wanted to share this with you. 🙂

Heat Wave Summer Bazaar

I know summer is just beginning and I’m already informing you about the end of summer. Haha. Weird. 😛 But oh well.

Hop you guys are having better days than I am! 🙂

Yummy Diet: A Review

If you guys are following me on Instagram, you would have probably noticed that I’ve been trying some of the diet delivery services. The first one that I’ve tried was that of Yummy Diet. I’m actually not new to the whole diet delivery thing. The first one that I tried was that of Fitness Gourmet. I wrote about it last year.  From what I remembered, the food was fine but then what I didn’t like were the snacks. I didn’t like them because it said “surprise” and I’m really not fond of not knowing what I was eating. 😛

But then again this year, since one of my main goals this year is to really be fit and lose all of that excess weight, I really need help in the diet part. Last 2012, when I had the same goal of trying to lose weight, I did it all by myself. I followed the Cohen Diet which I got a hold of a copy from a friend who enrolled in the program. I enrolled our help at 25 Mushrooms Kitchen, wherein they hold classes and teach helpers to cook some Cohen Meals and then I asked our help to cook for me. (Yes, I do not have the time to prepare my meals – I work. :P)

But after years of dieting, I got sick of the food and then the “cheats” started creeping and I wasn’t able to get back to the whole diet because I’m so sick and tired of the taste of the food. And that’s when I realized why not shake things up a bit and then order from different diet delivery service and then try each and every one of them. Compare and contrast. And decide what is the best one. So basically, that’s my quest this year.

My initial quest actually was to try all of the juice detoxification companies but then I realized, I think I have to lose weight first before detoxifying so here I am on my journey to weight lose and hopefully to a permanent one already.

So the weeks of January 26 – February 6, was the Yummy Diet weeks for me.

1 - Yummy Diet

The cool thing about Yummy Diet is that they give you utensils (spoon and fork) every start of the week, 5 pieces of instant coffee and 5 pieces of hot tea. Each day, you will have 3 meals with 2 snacks.

2 - Daing na Bangus

The food was pretty yummy (really). This was Daing na Bangus for breakfast. The amount was okay. But you have to see, believe it or not, I don’t really eat that much. I think I just eat a lot of junk food. Hehe. 😛

3 - Sample Snack

This is a sample snack. The thing is though, the snack that they usually give are fruits. Which is a GOOD thing. Although it was a bit of a struggle for me because I am really not a fruit-eating person. I know that, THAT’s bad but then I don’t know why I just don’t. The good thing though about this is that I am able to train myself to eat more fruits.

Actually during that time, when I was hungry, I would eat more fruits and I didn’t even gain weight. Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you that I ordered 1,200 calories per day.

4 - Sample LUnch

This is a sample lunch. Yes, it might look sad because it’s a salad but it’s actually not. And really, this helped me a lot because during those weeks (well, until now) I was soo busy with things that I didn’t really notice the food that I was eating.

5 - Sample Day 2

Also, everyday, I would get this piece of paper indicating all of the things that I was going to eat for the day. Which is pretty helpful because forgetful me, will really not pay attention and might eat the wrong thing for the wrong meal. And thank God for Instagram, I am able to look back at what I need to it. See folks. That’s the reason why I actually take a picture of these things so that I won’t forget. 😛

My take on Yummy Diet?

What I liked about Yummy Diet is that they deliver the day before. I actually find it a hassle if the delivery service delivers on the day itself. Maybe it’s the OC part of me that wants everything prepared beforehand, I don’t know. But it just seems safer when I know that my food for the next day is there already.

At PHP 1,800 for 5 days for the 1,200 calories per day meal, I would say that this is pretty sulit. So far for the 2 weeks that I’ve ordered from them I cannot remember a meal that I didn’t like.

And the fact that they have BPI bank deposit which is totally convenient for me because I can just do bank transfer.

Since it’s the first diet service that I’ve used, I lost a total of 3.2 lbs which is pretty great!

So wish me luck folks on my next adventures. So far, I’m not happy how it’s turning out but I’ll just keep at it. I think temptation is getting the better of me. Hassle. But well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

To contact them: https://www.facebook.com/yummydietph

P.S. If you’ve tried Yummy Diet too, leave a comment and let me know how it went for you. 🙂

10 of the Sweetest Quotes I’ve Ever Read. :)

Just because it’s Feb and we’re allowed to be a little cheesy. 🙂

2 - If ever there comes a day1.) When you’re “friend” is feeling down and you just want to make everything alright for them. 🙂


You Might Not Know This


2.) Just in case you never get together… 🙂

2 - If ever there comes a day


3.) When you can’t really tell them how you really feel 😛

3 - The Truth


4.) Cause yes, you hope that they find someone who’s right for them. And of course missing out on the part that you’re hopping that it’s you. 😛

4 - I Hope One Day

5.) Cause to you, they are simply amazing. 😛

5 If I Could Give YOu ONe THing

6.) Cause on the onset, you thought that it was nothing… hmm.. right! 😛

6 I Never Thought

7.) Cause they’re just favorite people in the world! <3

7 You're Pretty Much

8.) Hihi. Cheesy. Okay. 😛 Or maybe the guy. 🙂

8 I want to be the girl

9.) I’m speechless. 🙂

8 If Nothing Else

10.) Anticipation.

10 The Feeling You Get

Okay that’s it. Goodnight, folks 😛

BDJ Box: January- February 2015: Have a Kawaii Year ahead

My gosh! I have absolutely been really busy! And my resolution to blog more regularly – not working. Haha. Oh well. Who cares right?

But then I just really wanted to share this because this is the first BDJ Box of the year and I was able to get one. You see? The thing about me, I don’t subscribe on a monthly basis because first of all, I don’t really blog that often anymore and secondly, I really don’t get to finish everything so I might end up having a lot of beauty products in my bathroom and it’ll be such a waste.

But just to share with you, I was actually pretty pleased with this box.

Photo 2-2-15, 10 56 36 PM

See how cute the packaging is?

Photo 2-2-15, 11 03 30 PM

And you would see that there’s the usual paper that comes along with it.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 03 58 PM

Yes, mantra for this year. Well, actually I was thinking about it and yes, I think this year, I have to build a lot of self confidence. I think for the past year, I’ve lost it somehow, I don’t know why. I guess because my face is really breaking out now. Soo sad. I’ve gained weight. BOOHOO. But this year, I promise to do everything to boost my self confidence again so that I’ll be happy and comfortable with myself.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 06 19 PM

Cool thing about this box is that it contains this magazine thingy wherein you can read more about the Kawaii products and other products under those brands. I have a confession to make, I’m soo not versed with these products. Hihi. I think I’m still more westernized. 😛

  • Bifesta Cleansing lotion, 300ml

This breakthrough makeup remover gently removes makeup and effectively cleanses skin. This is Japan’s first ever water based makeup remover that absorbs impurities, leaving skin feeling fresh and moisturized without the oily feeling.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 09 03 PM

PHP 419

My take: Yes, this actually removes makeup completely. However I’ve noticed that you have to use a lot of the product and a lot of the cotton and since it’s watery, it really is kind of messy. Although what I like about this is that it really DOES NOT sting.

  • Lucido-L Styling Milk, 75ml

This day time hair supplement styles and treats your hair at the same time! Powered by Hyaluronic Acid, it caots hair strands for soft and tangle-free hair, with a long-lasting, sweet and fruity-floral scent. It comes in 4 variants to suit whatever style you like.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 17 10 PM

PHP 295

My take: Love this. I used it after I shampoo my hair when I kind of have dried it already and just before drying my hair with a blower.

  • Lucido Treatment Oil, 50ml

Repairs dry and damage hair during sleep for softer and smoother hair upon waking up! It contains ingredients similar to what is found in your cuticles and cortex cells which help retain water by filling up the gaps caused by damage to maintain moisture for more manageable and healthier hair.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 16 42 PM

PHP 295

My take: It’s just like any other hair oil. Same as the Lucido-L Styling Milk, I use it after I kind of dried my hair and before drying my hair with a blower. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do that but that works for me. With me, I never not dry my hair because I get a headache if I sleep with my hair wet.

  • Pixy Powder Foundation TWC FIT, 12.2g

This powder formula blends perfectly for a smooth and long lasting base. Use it wet for more coverage, or dry for a natural look. It contains two way whitening squalene oil to prevent dry skin, and SPF15 to protect your skin from sun damage.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 21 56 PM

PHP 275

My Take: Pleasantly surprised about this. I have been looking for a compact foundation which isn’t expensive but does the great coverage and this is probably it. Also, if you notice, the color is a bit dark for me but it blends perfectly well. So two thumbs up!

  • Pixy Powder Foundation Coverlast, 10g

This long lasting powder foundation from Pixy has Microsphere Powder that covers blemishes for natural makeup look. It also contains oil and shine to keep looking fresh all throughout the day.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 23 39 PM

PHP 325

My Take: If the other product is good. This is better! I dunno why but then it really has great coverage and that’s the number one thing for me.

  • Pixy Blush on, 3.5g

This pretty blush will help you pull off that natural, cute flush on your cheeks, giving you innocent glow whenever you smile. It also comes with a built-in mirror for easy touch ups! Try different shades of brown, pink and purple for your desired look.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 20 06 PM

PHP 345

My Take: If you notice, I got the brown one. I was a bit scary about it at first but when I put it on, it looks uber natural so this was A-OK for me!

  • Pixy Eyeshadow, 2.8g

Its Micro-pearl formula created soft texture that makes it easy to apply and blend on your lids. Its two-color combination makes it easy to use. Combine it with other shades to create more eye makeup looks!

Photo 2-2-15, 11 19 17 PM

My Take: Love this color because it’s perfect for every day. I really love the natural look right now.

  • Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence, 27ml

This water-based Japanese sunscreen gel feels water-light and delivers superior UVA protection and can double as your makeup base. It applies like water and is sebum proof, leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth.

Photo 2-2-15, 11 26 02 PM

PHP 495

My Take: It’s really difficult to look for a sunscreen that you would like and this is probably one of them. It dries clear and isn’t heavy at all. So, will definitely buy this product again.

So that’s it for now. I’m really sleepy now. 😛 BOO. Goodnight folks and I’m soo excited for my next BDJ Box!

Goods.ph Shopping Experience

Last December 5, 2014, I posted a giveaway contest from Goods.ph. Admittedly though, I wasn’t really able to try out the shopping experience here so I decided to give it a shot.

When you sign up for Goods.ph, you will receive an email giving you a gift certificate worth PHP 300 and this would really entice you to buy something. Although I didn’t really order immediately because I got so busy with work and everything else. I only got to order last January 14, 2015.

So, what did I order?

  • Momax iPower Go+ 11200 mAH External Battery Pack


Which I only got for PHP 2,499 as compared to the original price of PHP 3750.

  • Capdase Lightning Cable


Which I only got for PHP 1,050.

  • Capdase Pico G2 Dual USB Car Charger


Which I only got for PHP 399 instead of the original price of PHP 500.


As soon as I ordered, I already got an email confirmation from them. However, the following day, I got a text message from them that 1.) The Momax iPower Go+ 11200 mAH External Batter Pack color Gold wasn’t available and asked me to change the color. And 2.) The Capdase Lightning Cable that I ordered isn’t available so they wanted it to be replaced with a Momax Lightning cable.

Both of which are fine with me but then again, I was thinking if it were another person, I’m pretty sure that they would be upset about this.

Six days after, I already got my package which was YAY!

All of the items were in good condition and I’m really happy about my purchases. Thanks again for this, Goods.ph! 🙂

Anyway, here’s my honest to goodness constructive feedback.

What I like about Goods.ph:
– The items that they are selling are of good quality because they sell good brands. This is especially important if you are buying electronic stuff.

Things that Goods.ph needs to improve on:
– Update your site as to what stuff you really have – stocks and all. I would think that your user interface should be connected with your inventory system.
– Make sure that the description of the items in your system is updated. For instance, check this out. The title says its lightning cable but the description says Micro USB.
– Also, once you order, you will get a confirmation email which says you can email, call or chat to confirm your order (which I think is totally absurd) but the email information isn’t in the email. 😛 If you think that there is really a NEED for people to confirm their order then better to inform them when they purchase that they actually HAVE to confirm their order and in the email, place a link that would allow the buyer to confirm the order. REMEMBER: making the buying experience for a person as easy as possible is the way to go.

So, am I going to purchase again from Goods.ph?
Yes, definitely. I think I have enough patience to go through all of these things just in case it pops up again. And working in the world of technology, I kind of understand where they are coming from but then again, other people WON’T.

What about you? Would you be willing to go through this to purchase something from Goods.ph?

My Galleon.ph Shopping Encounter

Remember last December 30? I posted my Top 6 finds from Galleon.ph. So I went ahead and ordered the Pilot Hi-Tec C Gel Ink Pen – 0.33 – in basic colors which actually costs PHP 1587 on the site.


I actually placed the order on January 7, 2015 and received the following bill.

Galleon.ph 1

If you notice, the amount is lower than what I posted last December 30, which I would think should be attributed on the conversion rate of USD to PHP. Remember, I think this site is pulling data from somewhere and then converting it to PHP.

Just a reminder, when you buy from Galleon.ph, you have to be aware that there are extra costs such as International Shipping and Local Shipping. For you for you to get a discount, you can share on Facebook and Twitter which will give you a 3% and a 2% discount. *Sayang din yun.* If I were you guys, you should take advantage of that. Remember, every peso counts. J

One the same date, I receive an Order Confirmation email which told me that the estimated delivery date of my item is on January 28, 2015.

Galleon.ph 2

Around 21 days, 3 weeks. You SHOULD expect this especially that they are really shipping your item from abroad.

Next update I got was on January 22 (15 days after) telling me that they’re going to delivery my items in the next 2 days.

Galleon.ph 3

Interestingly enough, I received the item on a Saturday – January 24, 2015. I was actually expecting it today, but VOILA! 🙂

Oh, m gonna have soo much fun with you! Thanks @galleonph! 🙂

A photo posted by Manila Shopaholic

So, yay! I’m happy!

Last step… Today, I received an email from them that my order is complete already!

Thank you, Galleon.ph! 🙂

So, will I order again? Yes, definitely. But here are the things that you should remember:


  • You can get to buy stuff from the US without having to have a whole bulk of to be shipped because of the shipping cost
  • Items will be delivered straight to your doorstep, you wont have to pick it up from some point. Saves you the hassle.
  • You are well informed about the status of your order, so you are not kept in the dark as to where your order is.


  • You will have to pay extra for the international shipping cost and local shipping cost
  • It would take a really long time for the items to get to you

So, it’s really up to you? What do you think about this? Is this something that you would like to try out?

For more information:

Website: http://www.galleon.ph/
Address: UG09 Globe Telecom Plaza, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines 1552
Contact Numbers: Office 6214482 | 4250153, Globe 0905-4188697, Viber, Line, Wechat, Whatsapp 0905-4188697, Smart 0918-6364116, Sun 0923-6058066
Office Hours: Monday to Friday – 8am to 10pm, Saturday & Sunday – 8am to 5pm
Email Address: support@galleon.ph

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