Noel Bazaar 2014 Series and Other Updates… :)


I’ve been soo busy for the past few weeks. But here are some quick updates about the happenings in my life… :)

Update #1: I already got my personalized BDJ Planner! :) Yay. I’m back to using BDJ already and I plan to really make my planner this coming 2015 really, really nice. As in decorated and all. I hope I have time. But I’m more positive about 2015 that I will have more time to focus on my life. New role starting next week. New life. Back to being normal again. A new start. Excited. :)

BDJ Power Planner

Update #2: I took a Personality Test that my friend sent me. It seems like I am a mixed of Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic. According that I am the following:

  • Perfectionist
  • Introverted
  • Sensitive
  • Submissive
  • Indecisive
  • Calm

However, when I look through all of these descriptions, I don’t necessarily believe that these are accurate. First of all, I don’t think I am a perfectionist because I really do things haphazardly and I do things really fast and I don’t even look back and re-do it. For as long as I finish something that’s it.

Also, I’m not CALM. I am usually stressed (I TRY to be calm but I am not inherently calm :P).

But I do believe that I am Introverted, Sensitive, Submissive and Indecisive. :P

And this is the reason why I think I do think all the time. I analyzing things too much. Probably the reason why I am ina  job which requires me to think a lot. On the other end of the spectrum though, I also believe that I am a follower. Yes, I can do lead but I am more of a worker. And I like doing actual work. I usually don’t stand out on the onset but I think that my perseverance with work is the reason why I do actually succeed in my work. :P (see, sipag and tiyaga…:P)

Update #3: Although I have already taken the Strengths Finder test over at the office. I needed to find out what my weaknesses were. So, I took this personality test over at Richard Step. And my weakness pertained to: Self-Motivation. :(

It gave me the following insight on myself… I need space to make meaningful decisions. I like roles where persistence is essential to success. I need a sense of certainty and stability. I feel most effective when I feel that I am in control.

That explains a LOT. And probably the one big thing in my life right now that I need is time to figure out what I really want to do in my life. And yes, this is probably the reason why I am soo looking forward to my silent retreat this coming November.

This is also probably the reason why I also do well in work. I am such a persistent person. Not brilliant but just diligent with work. :P

Updated #4: One of my really good friends is popping out a baby soon this November and we had a Baby Shower last weekend. And who did they request me to bring? Why of course, my uber cute niece.

ZeekaIsn’t she such a cutie??

Update #5: My box from came already! And I got new shoes! YAAAY!


Melissa Optical II Sandal
Melissa Optical II Sandal
Melissa Planehits
Melissa Planehits

Yes, I am a Melissa addict! :)

Anyway, last but not the least. It’s Bazaar season once again! And I’d like to share wit you the other dates of the Noel Bazaar!

Noel BazaarHope you guys can make it! Happy shopping everyone! :)





My Love Affair with Forever New (Ever New Philippines)

I have always been a fan of EVER NEW since it opened here in the Philippines. Although the prices of the dresses are really pricey. So I just look and wait for the sale. :) Yes, I’m kinda practical with that. But I really, really LOVE their dresses. I love their prints. Soo unique and colorful.

Everytime I wear a dress that I got from them, I always get compliments. And this is why I have a continuous love affair with them. <3

Here are my top picks for this season! :)

1.) Eliza embellished neck maxi
AUS $ 189.99 (approximately PHP 7481.92)
A friend of mine just sent me a save-the-date for their wedding on January 2. I wonder if I should buy this dress. :P Anyway, that’s also my Mama’s death anniversary. I wonder, if she’s alive, what would she be like to me? :) I hope that she’d be proud of me. But as for my shopping spree, I think she would definitely disagree with my spending habits. Sorry, Mama!! :(
Eliza embellished neck maxi Main Image
2.) Simone sweetheart sundress Main Image

AU $99.99 (approximately PHP 3937.66)

WARNING: The next pictures will all be flowery. :P Sorry, but I’m soo into florals nowadays. :)
Sime sweetheart sundress
3.) Edith Floral Printed Dress Main Image

AU $149.99 NOW AU $99.99 – (approximately PHP 3937.66)

I’m actually not sure if this would look nice on me because it’s spaghetti strap but it’s worth a try. :)
Edith Floral Printed Dress Main Image
4.) Scarlette embroidered hem dress

AU $129.99 (approximately PHP 5119.08)

Love this but it’s tube top. Which restricts me to wearing it on weekdays or special days. :) This would definitely look good with a white blazer. :)
Scarlette embroidered hem dress Main Image
5.) Sandy Mirror Print Bodycon Dress

AU $99.99 (approximately PHP 3937.66)

Cuts like these are always flattering to me. I think one of the keys to dressing up well is knowing the cuts and the patterns that suit you well. ;)
Sandy Mirror Print Bodycon Dress Main Image
6.) Sisi stripe floral dress

AU $129.99 (approximately PHP 5119.08)

This has got to be my favorite amongst all of the dresses here! <3 Ever new, please go on sale! :)
Sisi stripe floral dress Main Image
7.) Erica Fit And Flare Sun Dress

AU $99.99 (approximately PHP 3937.66)

Love this. It feels soo summery. Yeah, in the middle of the Christmas season. So what! Right?!? :P
Erica Fit And Flare Sun Dress Main Image
8.) Mandy Mirror Print Bodycon Dress

AU $99.99 NOW AU $79.99 (approximately PHP 3150.05)

Another one that has the perfect cut for me! :)
Mandy Mirror Print Bodycon Dress Main Image
9.) Alexis Georgette Prom Dress
AU $129.99 (approximately PHP 5119.08)
Blue! <3
Alexis Georgette Prom Dress Main Image
10.) Abbie placement floral shift dress Main Image

AU $99.99 (approximately PHP 3937.66)

This is my second favorite! Lakas maka-sexy! :P
Abbie placement floral shift dress Main Image
Anyway, “The Secret” is working. They’re going on sale! TEE-HEE! :)

What I Bought from BeautyMNL

The other day, I realized that I didn’t have any more hand cream. :| Not that this has always been a custom for me. But you know when you started and then you get into the habit of doing something already and then you stopped, it seems like there’s something missing?

My ritual that included the hand cream thing started out after my trip from China. I used to wear this jade bangle (which I just got reminded of, I should look for that) that fits perfectly. And when you say “fits perfectly” referring to the Jade Bangle. It should be tight enough that it won’t fall through your hands or bye-bye bangle.

So for you to wear the bangle, well for me, so that I won’t get red and blotchy (blame it on sensitive skin), I have to put lotion so that it slides through. :P

So anyway, going back, knowing that I don’t have any hand cream anymore and knowing that I don’t have time to go to the mall (yes, uhuh, I’m that busy :(), I decided to check buy beauty stuff from

I’m a self-confessed fan of Deal Grocer and Taste Central and honestly, Beauty MNL is also pretty cool. They have curated the perfect line up for you guys. Although I have to admit that I was still looking for some things that are not there. But then again, they’re not a mall. Not their fault. :P

Stuff that I got from Beauty MNL:

1.) Nuovo Lusso – Luxe Verbena Hand Cream (30ml)
PHP 135

Nuovo Lusso - Luxe Verbena Hand Cream (30ml) PHP 135

Although I love the scent, it actually smells like the L’Occitane series which I truly, truly love. It’s quite small – 30 ml. But that’s not their fault. My fault because I didn’t see that there’s a 100ml one. :P

But as for the smell, smells really, really good and I’m falling in love with that because of that. :P

Surprise! Surprise! Since I was probably one of the first 30 buyers, I got a free perfume sample from Scents and Style. I forgot what scent that was but it really, really smells good. I’ve been looking for their Facebook Fan Page but nope, sorry none. :P

2.) Wet N’ Wild – Mega Volume Mascara
PHP 299.00

Wet N Wild - Mega Volume Mascara


This is my first time to use this but it looks promising. Let’s see how it fairs in contrast to the trusty Maybelline mascaras. :)

3.) Moringa Body Butter
PHP 612.00

The Body Shop - Moringa Body Butter

Happy to see this here since this is one my favorites. :) I love the scent and the product. I was looking for Satsuma also though. That’s another one of my favorites. But it was sold out. I can’t blame them. :P

4.) The Face Shop – Face It Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37
PHP 1,315

The Face Shop - Face It Power Perfection

Because just recently, I have become a FAN of BB Creams. I know a bit lag since there’s already CC cream. But for me, honestly, BB Creams are still better than CC Creams. :P

5.) The Face Shop – Face It Aura Color Control CC Cream SPF30
PHP 1,315.00

The Face Shop - Aura CC Cream

Because this has got to be one of the coolest products ever invented! :) I used to buy those cream compact foundation but it never worked well. Like for instance that of The Body Shop, (yes, I am a fan of The Body Shop but just not that product :P), the brush that it comes with falls off!! :(

But this one, soo cool. My friend first got this for me from Korea and then I just bought the refill here. You just push the button, CC cream comes out. Use the sponge and apply to your face. Good coverage and blendability (if there is a term like that). Easy, breezy and not messy at all!! <3

Items that I would love to see at Beauty MNL:

  • Maybelline Mascaras! :)
  • The Body Shop Gift Packs. I love those little ones because they’re perfect for travelling and when you go to the gym. Lighter in the bag. ;)
  • Shopper rebates, please? :) A lot of these shops have shopper rebates like The Body Shop and The Face Shop. I would love it that when I shop at Beauty MNL, I won’t say “sayang” the points because I didn’t get it offline. :P

Manila Shopaholic’s Happy List

Yes, there are days when you feel like your down and out right? And this is one of those days. Blame it on the workload or maybe blame it on anxiety, but there are just some times when you just want to step back and look at things that make you happy. It’s really not about shopping or buying it (yes, I do know that all of us are on a limited budget), but just window-shopping, or for me, online window shopping is definitely a pick me upper.

And on this, some kinda gloomy Friday, wherein I’m anticipating more work to be given on me, just looking at these things made me happy. I hope this list would also bring a smile to your face. Once again, SMILE! It’s a Friday. :)

1.) Marc Jacobs Core Pretty Medium Tate

I’ve always wanted this bag. It’s lightweight. Cool. And really is my style. :P

Marc Jacobs Core Pretty Medium Tate
2.) Bertha Ladies Didi Watch

Peacock!! :)

Bertha Ladies Didi Watch
3.) Tory Burch Ladies 53mm Panama Sunglasses

As if it’s summer. But you can’t get too much of ‘em sunnies! :)

Tory Burch Ladies 53mm Panama Sunglasses
4.) rafe NEW YORK Large Celia Beaded Zip Clutch in Blush/Red

Cause I’ve figured that I don’t have that much clutch bags. :P

rafe NEW YORK Large Celia Beaded Zip Clutch, Blush/Red
5.) PUMA Women’s Kitara Polka Dot Ballet Flat

La lang. Cause it’s cute. :) Perfect when you travel. Though, you need to wear something that would always match with this one. :)

PUMA Women's Kitara Polka Dot Ballet Flat at MYHABIT
6.) BC Footwear Women’s Up All Night Flat

Pretty! But I’m not sure about the comfort. It looks hard. :|

BC Footwear Women's Up All Night Flat at MYHABIT
7.) lucy Crossback Pink Dawn Chevron Tank

Note to self: I need to go back to yoga ASAP. :|


lucy Crossback Pink Dawn Chevron Tank is on Rue. Shop it now.

8.) ZX Flux Shoes

Just cause this is really pretty. Don’t you think so? :)

ZX Flux
9.) Eiffel Tower T-Shirt

Because I like Mango and I love France. And I want to go back to France someday. Not for work, please? :)

Eiffel Tower T-Shirt
10.) Casio Poptone

Because it’s silver and I don’t have silver watch. It’s sporty though. So that means that I can only wear it to work. Yes, I’m not that formal in the office. Although, I think I have to already come this November. HAY. :( But hearts and flowers are always welcome and it makes me happy. :P

Casio Poptone

Any suggestions for my next happy list? :) Hit me up! :)

Green Basket: Looking for Cavite-based Entrepreneurs

Rarely do I get requests to post about events outside of Manila but since this is for a good cause and maybe, someone out there from Cavite does read my blog, so I am posting this! :)

Green Basket, a Cavite-based small family business that’s engaged in retail and event organizing, is looking for SMEs, local producers and new entrepreneurs who would want to join their 2014 Christmas Tiangge. They are looking for specifically for folks who live within the area because they believe in patronizing local businesses.

So, if you’re interested, hit them up! :)

Here’s the poster. :)

2014 Christmas Tiangge GMA Cavite

Happy Friday Everyone! :)


Bazaar Alert! Noel Bazaar Swings South this Yuletide Season! :)

Yes, it’s -BER months already and bazaars are popping here there and everywhere. And Noel Bazaar, one of the biggest and longest standing bazaars that we have in the Metro will be starting this weekend. So sorry if I’m posting this just a day before. I have been SOO busy. As in you can’t even imagine what BUSY to me is like. :P

Anyway, for the other dates, make sure that you mark your calendars. I’m pretty sure this is one of those bazaars YOU shouldn’t miss. :)


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